Cause of Fertility in males and Females 100% Solution

Cause of Fertility in males and Females 100% Solution

Cause of Fertility in Males and Females 100% Solution

Cause of Fertility in males and Female give us answers male and female we will provide 100% solution to your cry

Please Those of you in this forum who are having challenges to Conceive or getting pregnant after conducting all medical examinations but yet you can not get pregnant both male and female here comes the solution. please answer all these Questions below. For us to locate where comes the reason why you can not have a Sweet Baby by now and by so doing we give you 3 months of collaboration with us and our Fertility Package a Solution is found and here is your end of Tears.





Section 1 For Females give us your answers in your inbox

Section 2 for male Give us answers inbox

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Section 1 Female Question provide Answers by PV or Inbox
1. Abortion
2. Miscarriage
3. Irregular menstrual circle
4. Fibroids
5. Tube Blockage
6. Have you been on Contraceptives
7. After intercourse have you been taking something to prevent pregnancy

8. Do you have sexual Anxiety

9. Do you Quickly get Angry

10. How is your mood always

11. Do you feel sexual desire during ovulation

12. Can you describe how your Ovulation period is?

13. Have you ever had sexual transmitted Disease

14. If yes Was it well declare treated

15. Do you have Cloth menstruation

16. During Sexual Contact do you feel Wet or Arrive at orgasm and do you always see the Discharges coming out during that period

17. During Ovulation do you often feel as if to make love?

18. Have you ever Masturbated?

19. How do you feel when you’re Ovulating around your stomach

20. How is your Vagina Discharge during ovulation tick or light and drawish liquid.

Answer Alls of these for us to trace out where exactly Comes to your problem from even without Medical diagnosis.


Section 2 Males

1. Have you Been Masturbating

2. Do you have Low sperm Count

3. Do you have premature Ejaculation

4. Have you ever contract Any Sexually transmitted Diseases if yes Was it treated And followed up as assign by your Doctor please Explain

5. Do you have a child how is the last Child age

6. How and what are the period you have high sexual Anxiety, when you’re drunk when you have drug your self or with your normal Conscience without taking any drug

7. Is your Ejaculation watery

8. Is your Ejaculation Run at a distance

9. Estimate what women or your wife usually complains when you people have sex may be few hours or a day after.

10. Do you erect early morning when your up from bed

11. Do you weakness discharges when up early morning even without sex.


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